Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

IPPD have officially collaborate with ThaiPBS on 29 January 2019 with a goal to use the media to promote IPPD’s research and study results to Thai people and other sectors. This goal also aim to build up awareness and knowledge in terms of understanding policy. The goal also build the policy’s code of conduct in order for the policy to be percieved clearly for the people.

National Statistical Office

IPPD have a chance to collaborate with National Statistics Office (NSO) since 1 August 2019. The mutual purposes of the two institutes is to develop and advance the digital frame for communicating with Thai people electronically and able to recieve a communication data in both statistical and policy terms. This collaboration also collaborate in terms of research and development a high-end data system, operative, administrative, disseminative innovation. The collaboration also includes a knowledge and data dissemination exchange for the better performance of the two institutes.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand

IPPD have a chance to collaborate with SET since 19 July 2019. Both institutes have signed the MOU for Thai sustainable economic and social research cooperation.

World Bank

The collaboration between IPPD and World Bank have a clear goal in support and study the relationship between development issue and inequality from various dimensions in Thailand. It is significant for sustainable development during these rapid changes and shifts from the global crisis such as COVID-19 pandemic and the global warming. This IPPD-World Bank collaboration also have a vital role in promoting significant communication by Beyond Growth project, on the topic of Reduce Risk-Increase Happiness.

United Nations Environment Programme; UNEP

The collaboration between IPPD and UNEP have a clear goal in support and study the relationship between development issue and environmental issue. Which is significant for a sustainable development in Thailand during the current global warming, rapid climate change and the reduction of biodiversity. This IPPD-UNEP collaboration is also under the Beyond Growth Project, on the topic of Reduce Risk-Increase Happiness.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The significant goal of IPPD to collaborates with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is to further the Beyond Gorwth Project, on Reduce Risk-Increase Happiness, to be more significant and clear in International level. The process of this collaboration is to target the main aspect of the sustainable development that focuses on reduction of both natural and human-made disaster risks, in order to increase the public happiness and standard of livings. The process of collaboration also aim to build a path in increasing other sectors’ capability and potential for them to handle the global risk or uncertainty. This collaboration expect to have a successful achievements in both short and long term.

Urban Metabolism Group

With the Urban Metabolism Group, MIT, the project focuses on long-term development framework and implementations including building liveability and sustainable society through green urban economy. The project applies the concept of Urban Metabolism to build foundation of knowledge on resources flows within cities of Thailand in order to plan for the future with efficient resource-management.

Urban Risk Lab

With the Urban Risk Lab, MIT, the project focuses on catalysing Thailand towards resilience society. With growing uncertainties at the global level, we believe that a better society is a risk-informed one that is prepared for short and long-term shocks and disasters, both natural and man-made. The project focuses on area-based development that builds resilience capacity for communities and citizens in order to manage, and deal with the impacts of change.